P-glycoprotein 1, Human (493 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Binding ≤ 10μM 493 62 18 21
Binding ≤ 1μM 283 33 9 9
Functional ≤ 10μM 79 24 24 25

Reactome Network (2)

Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
ABCG2_HUMAN Q9UNQ0 CHEMBL5393 ATP-binding Cassette Sub-family G Member 2, Human 9
S22A1_HUMAN O15245 CHEMBL5685 Solute Carrier Family 22 Member 1, Human 1

ABC-family proteins mediated transport

Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
MRP1_HUMAN P33527 CHEMBL3004 Multidrug Resistance-associated Protein 1, Human 8
MRP2_HUMAN Q92887 CHEMBL5748 Canalicular Multispecific Organic Anion Transporter 1, Human 1
MRP3_HUMAN O15438 CHEMBL5918 Canalicular Multispecific Organic Anion Transporter 2, Human 1
UniProt Swissprot ChEMBL Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
MDR1_MOUSE P06795 CHEMBL3467 P-glycoprotein 1, Mouse 25 2 3 1

Clustered By Gene (0)

Clustered By Organism (2)

Code Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
MDR1-1-E P-glycoprotein 1 (cluster #1 Of 3), Eukaryotic 232 29 10 9
MDR1-2-E P-glycoprotein 1 (cluster #2 Of 3), Eukaryotic 206 35 11 12
MDR1-3-E P-glycoprotein 1 (cluster #3 Of 3), Eukaryotic 77 0 0 0
Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
MDR1_MOUSE P06795 CHEMBL3467 P-glycoprotein 1, Mouse 20
KCNH2_HUMAN Q12809 CHEMBL240 HERG, Human 19
Z50425 Z50425 CHEMBL364 Plasmodium Falciparum 18
Z80362 Z80362 CHEMBL389 P388 (Lymphoma Cells) 15
MDR3_MOUSE P21447 CHEMBL2573 P-glycoprotein 3, Mouse 13
Z80208 Z80208 CHEMBL614720 L5178Y (Lymphoma Cells) 12
ABCG2_HUMAN Q9UNQ0 CHEMBL5393 ATP-binding Cassette Sub-family G Member 2, Human 9
SCN1A_HUMAN P35498 CHEMBL1845 Sodium Channel Protein Type I Alpha Subunit, Human 8
SCN2A_HUMAN Q99250 CHEMBL4187 Sodium Channel Protein Type II Alpha Subunit, Human 8
SCN3A_HUMAN Q9NY46 CHEMBL5163 Sodium Channel Protein Type III Alpha Subunit, Human 8
SCN8A_HUMAN Q9UQD0 CHEMBL5202 Sodium Channel Protein Type VIII Alpha Subunit, Human 8
MRP1_HUMAN P33527 CHEMBL3004 Multidrug Resistance-associated Protein 1, Human 7
Z50594 Z50594 CHEMBL375 Mus Musculus 7
5HT1A_RAT P19327 CHEMBL273 Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) Receptor, Rat 6
DRD2_RAT P61169 CHEMBL339 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Rat 6
SGMR1_HUMAN Q99720 CHEMBL287 Sigma Opioid Receptor, Human 6
HRH1_HUMAN P35367 CHEMBL231 Histamine H1 Receptor, Human 5
SGMR1_CAVPO Q60492 CHEMBL4153 Sigma-1 Receptor, Guinea Pig 5
Z102121 Z102121 CHEMBL613162 Trichophyton Mentagrophytes 5
Z50038 Z50038 CHEMBL612328 Plasmodium Yoelii Yoelii 5
Z50408 Z50408 CHEMBL612841 Issatchenkia Orientalis 5
Z50426 Z50426 CHEMBL612856 Plasmodium Falciparum (isolate K1 / Thailand) 5
Z50442 Z50442 CHEMBL366 Candida Albicans 5
Z50443 Z50443 CHEMBL612647 Candida Glabrata 5
Z50452 Z50452 CHEMBL612649 Trichophyton Rubrum 5
Z50597 Z50597 CHEMBL376 Rattus Norvegicus 5
5HT1A_HUMAN P08908 CHEMBL214 Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) Receptor, Human 4
5HT2A_RAT P14842 CHEMBL322 Serotonin 2a (5-HT2a) Receptor, Rat 4
DRD2_HUMAN P14416 CHEMBL217 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Human 4
EBP_HUMAN Q15125 CHEMBL4931 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-delta(8),delta(7)-isomerase, Human 4
ERG2_YEAST P32352 CHEMBL3224 C-8 Sterol Isomerase, Yeast 4
KCNA5_HUMAN P22460 CHEMBL4306 Voltage-gated Potassium Channel Subunit Kv1.5, Human 4
KCND2_RAT Q63881 CHEMBL1075227 Potassium Voltage-gated Channel Subfamily D Member 2, Rat 4
SCN5A_HUMAN Q14524 CHEMBL1980 Sodium Channel Protein Type V Alpha Subunit, Human 4
Z50046 Z50046 CHEMBL612334 Trichophyton Quinckeanum 4
Z50409 Z50409 CHEMBL612842 Kluyveromyces Marxianus 4
Z81138 Z81138 CHEMBL613872 ScN2a (Scrapie-infected Neuroblastoma Cells) 4
5HT2B_RAT P30994 CHEMBL323 Serotonin 2b (5-HT2b) Receptor, Rat 3
5HT2C_HUMAN P28335 CHEMBL225 Serotonin 2c (5-HT2c) Receptor, Human 3
5HT2C_RAT P08909 CHEMBL324 Serotonin 2c (5-HT2c) Receptor, Rat 3
5HT6R_HUMAN P50406 CHEMBL3371 Serotonin 6 (5-HT6) Receptor, Human 3
CAC1C_RAT P22002 CHEMBL3762 Voltage-gated L-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1C Subunit, Rat 3
CAC1D_RAT P27732 CHEMBL4132 Voltage-gated L-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1D Subunit, Rat 3
DRD1_RAT P18901 CHEMBL265 Dopamine D1 Receptor, Rat 3
DRD3_HUMAN P35462 CHEMBL234 Dopamine D3 Receptor, Human 3
DRD4_HUMAN P21917 CHEMBL219 Dopamine D4 Receptor, Human 3
SGMR1_RAT Q9R0C9 CHEMBL3602 Sigma Opioid Receptor, Rat 3
Z100491 Z100491 CHEMBL613288 Sigma 2 Receptor 3
Z104304 Z104304 CHEMBL1907610 Adrenergic Receptor Alpha-1 3
Z50416 Z50416 CHEMBL363 Aspergillus Fumigatus 3
Z50459 Z50459 CHEMBL367 Leishmania Donovani 3
Z50607 Z50607 CHEMBL378 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 3
Z50658 Z50658 CHEMBL380 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 2 3
Z50677 Z50677 CHEMBL613758 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 3
Z80295 Z80295 CHEMBL388 MT4 (Lymphocytes) 3
5HT2A_HUMAN P28223 CHEMBL224 Serotonin 2a (5-HT2a) Receptor, Human 2
5HT2B_HUMAN P41595 CHEMBL1833 Serotonin 2b (5-HT2b) Receptor, Human 2
5HT7R_HUMAN P34969 CHEMBL3155 Serotonin 7 (5-HT7) Receptor, Human 2
5HT7R_RAT P32305 CHEMBL3223 Serotonin 7 (5-HT7) Receptor, Rat 2
ACM1_HUMAN P11229 CHEMBL216 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M1, Human 2
ADA1A_HUMAN P35348 CHEMBL229 Alpha-1a Adrenergic Receptor, Human 2
ADA1B_HUMAN P35368 CHEMBL232 Alpha-1b Adrenergic Receptor, Human 2
ADA1D_HUMAN P25100 CHEMBL223 Alpha-1d Adrenergic Receptor, Human 2
CALM_HUMAN P62158 CHEMBL6093 Calmodulin, Human 2
CYSP_TRYCR P25779 CHEMBL3563 Cruzipain, Trycr 2
DRD1_BOVIN Q95136 CHEMBL2967 Dopamine D1 Receptor, Bovin 2
DRD1_HUMAN P21728 CHEMBL2056 Dopamine D1 Receptor, Human 2
DRD2_BOVIN P20288 CHEMBL3998 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Bovin 2
DRD3_RAT P19020 CHEMBL3138 Dopamine D3 Receptor, Rat 2
DRD4_RAT P30729 CHEMBL3361 Dopamine D4 Receptor, Rat 2
DRD5_HUMAN P21918 CHEMBL1850 Dopamine D5 Receptor, Human 2
DRD5_RAT P25115 CHEMBL2281 Dopamine D5 Receptor, Rat 2
EBP_CAVPO Q60490 CHEMBL5525 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-delta(8),delta(7)-isomerase, Guinea Pig 2
GRM6_HUMAN O15303 CHEMBL4573 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 6, Human 2
PDR5_YEAST P33302 CHEMBL1697658 Pleiotropic ABC Efflux Transporter Of Multiple Drugs, Yeast 2
SC6A4_HUMAN P31645 CHEMBL228 Serotonin Transporter, Human 2
TRPA1_MOUSE Q8BLA8 CHEMBL1075310 Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily A Member 1, Mouse 2
Z102015 Z102015 CHEMBL613013 Plasmodium Vivax 2
Z104303 Z104303 CHEMBL1907609 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor 2
Z50590 Z50590 CHEMBL613488 Sus Scrofa 2
Z80066 Z80066 CHEMBL614540 CCRF-CEM/VCR-1000 2
Z80224 Z80224 CHEMBL387 MCF7 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80294 Z80294 CHEMBL614184 MT2 (Lymphocytes) 2
Z80773 Z80773 CHEMBL614456 CHRC/5 Cell Line 2
Z80928 Z80928 CHEMBL394 HCT-116 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 2
5HT1B_RAT P28564 CHEMBL3459 Serotonin 1b (5-HT1b) Receptor, Rat 1
5HT1D_RAT P28565 CHEMBL5450 Serotonin 1d (5-HT1d) Receptor, Rat 1
5HT1E_HUMAN P28566 CHEMBL2182 Serotonin 1e (5-HT1e) Receptor, Human 1
5HT1F_RAT P30940 CHEMBL4646 Serotonin 1f (5-HT1f) Receptor, Rat 1
5HT2A_BOVIN Q75Z89 CHEMBL3446 Serotonin 2a (5-HT2a) Receptor, Bovin 1
5HT2A_MOUSE P35363 CHEMBL5377 Serotonin 2a (5-HT2a) Receptor, Mouse 1
5HT2A_PIG P50129 CHEMBL2490 Serotonin 2a (5-HT2a) Receptor, Pig 1
5HT2B_MOUSE Q02152 CHEMBL2583 Serotonin 2b (5-HT2b) Receptor, Mouse 1
5HT2C_MOUSE P34968 CHEMBL3006 Serotonin 2c (5-HT2c) Receptor, Mouse 1
A3EZI9_9HEPC A3EZI9 CHEMBL4893 Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protease/helicase, 9hepc 1
ABL1_HUMAN P00519 CHEMBL1862 Tyrosine-protein Kinase ABL, Human 1
ACM1_RAT P08482 CHEMBL276 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M1, Rat 1
ACM2_HUMAN P08172 CHEMBL211 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M2, Human 1
ACM2_RAT P10980 CHEMBL309 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M2, Rat 1
ACM3_HUMAN P20309 CHEMBL245 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M3, Human 1
ACM4_HUMAN P08173 CHEMBL1821 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M4, Human 1
ACM5_HUMAN P08912 CHEMBL2035 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M5, Human 1
ADA1A_BOVIN P18130 CHEMBL4892 Alpha-1a Adrenergic Receptor, Bovin 1
ADA1A_RAT P43140 CHEMBL319 Alpha-1a Adrenergic Receptor, Rat 1
ADA1B_RAT P15823 CHEMBL315 Alpha-1b Adrenergic Receptor, Rat 1
ADA1D_RAT P23944 CHEMBL326 Alpha-1d Adrenergic Receptor, Rat 1
ADA2A_RAT P22909 CHEMBL327 Alpha-2a Adrenergic Receptor, Rat 1
ADA2B_RAT P19328 CHEMBL266 Alpha-2b Adrenergic Receptor, Rat 1
ADA2C_RAT P22086 CHEMBL314 Alpha-2c Adrenergic Receptor, Rat 1
ADCY2_RAT P26769 CHEMBL2958 Adenylate Cyclase Type II, Rat 1
ADCY3_RAT P21932 CHEMBL4864 Adenylate Cyclase Type III, Rat 1
ADCY4_RAT P26770 CHEMBL2879 Adenylate Cyclase Type IV, Rat 1
ADCY5_RAT Q04400 CHEMBL2880 Adenylate Cyclase Type V, Rat 1
ADCY6_RAT Q03343 CHEMBL2975 Adenylate Cyclase Type VI, Rat 1
ADCY8_RAT P40146 CHEMBL3082 Adenylate Cyclase Type VIII, Rat 1
AP2S1_RAT P62744 CHEMBL1697667 AP-2 Complex Subunit Sigma, Rat 1
BCR_HUMAN P11274 CHEMBL5146 Breakpoint Cluster Region Protein, Human 1
BGLR_RAT P06760 CHEMBL4814 Beta-glucuronidase, Rat 1
C11B1_BOVIN P15150 CHEMBL2927 Cytochrome P450 11B1, Bovin 1
C11B1_HUMAN P15538 CHEMBL1908 Cytochrome P450 11B1, Human 1
C11B2_HUMAN P19099 CHEMBL2722 Cytochrome P450 11B2, Human 1
CAC1B_HUMAN Q00975 CHEMBL4478 Voltage-gated N-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1B Subunit, Human 1
CAC1C_HUMAN Q13936 CHEMBL1940 Voltage-gated L-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1C Subunit, Human 1
CAC1C_RABIT P15381 CHEMBL2830 Voltage-gated L-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1C Subunit, Rabit 1
CAC1D_HUMAN Q01668 CHEMBL4138 Voltage-gated L-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1D Subunit, Human 1
CAC1G_HUMAN O43497 CHEMBL4641 Voltage-gated T-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1G Subunit, Human 1
CAC1H_HUMAN O95180 CHEMBL1859 Voltage-gated T-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1H Subunit, Human 1
CAC1S_RAT Q02485 CHEMBL4108 Voltage-gated L-type Calcium Channel Alpha-1S Subunit, Rat 1
CP11A_RAT P14137 CHEMBL5246 Cytochrome P450 11A1, Rat 1
CP17A_HUMAN P05093 CHEMBL3522 Cytochrome P450 17A1, Human 1
CP17A_RAT P11715 CHEMBL4430 Cytochrome P450 17A1, Rat 1
CP19A_HUMAN P11511 CHEMBL1978 Cytochrome P450 19A1, Human 1
CP21A_HUMAN P08686 CHEMBL2759 Cytochrome P450 21, Human 1
CP24A_HUMAN Q07973 CHEMBL4521 Cytochrome P450 24A1, Human 1
CP3A4_HUMAN P08684 CHEMBL340 Cytochrome P450 3A4, Human 1
CP51A_HUMAN Q16850 CHEMBL3849 Cytochrome P450 51, Human 1
CP51A_RAT Q64654 CHEMBL4981 Cytochrome P450 51, Rat 1
CP7A1_RAT P18125 CHEMBL2339 Cytochrome P450 7A1, Rat 1
D4A3N4_RAT D4A3N4 CHEMBL2679 Brain Adenylate Cyclase 1, Rat 1
DRD1_PIG P50130 CHEMBL5067 Dopamine D1 Receptor, Pig 1
DRD2_CHLAE P52702 CHEMBL5456 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Chlae 1
ESR1_HUMAN P03372 CHEMBL206 Estrogen Receptor Alpha, Human 1
ESR2_HUMAN Q92731 CHEMBL242 Estrogen Receptor Beta, Human 1
FDFT_HUMAN P37268 CHEMBL3338 Squalene Synthetase, Human 1
GNRHR_RAT P30969 CHEMBL3066 Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone Receptor, Rat 1
HRH1_RAT P31390 CHEMBL4701 Histamine H1 Receptor, Rat 1
LEF_BACAN P15917 CHEMBL4372 Anthrax Lethal Factor, Bacan 1
LYSC1_RAT P00697 CHEMBL2297 Lysozyme C, Rat 1
MRP2_HUMAN Q92887 CHEMBL5748 Canalicular Multispecific Organic Anion Transporter 1, Human 1
MRP3_HUMAN O15438 CHEMBL5918 Canalicular Multispecific Organic Anion Transporter 2, Human 1
NMD3A_HUMAN Q8TCU5 CHEMBL4787 Glutamate [NMDA] Receptor Subunit 3A, Human 1
NMD3B_HUMAN O60391 CHEMBL2913 Glutamate [NMDA] Receptor Subunit 3B, Human 1
NMDE1_HUMAN Q12879 CHEMBL1972 Glutamate [NMDA] Receptor Subunit Epsilon 1, Human 1
NMDE2_HUMAN Q13224 CHEMBL1904 Glutamate [NMDA] Receptor Subunit Epsilon 2, Human 1
NMDE3_HUMAN Q14957 CHEMBL4109 Glutamate [NMDA] Receptor Subunit Epsilon 3, Human 1
NMDE4_HUMAN O15399 CHEMBL2591 Glutamate [NMDA] Receptor Subunit Epsilon 4, Human 1
NMDZ1_HUMAN Q05586 CHEMBL2015 Glutamate (NMDA) Receptor Subunit Zeta 1, Human 1
O77823_PIG O77823 CHEMBL3333 Phosphodiesterase 4A, Pig 1
OPRD_RAT P33533 CHEMBL269 Delta Opioid Receptor, Rat 1
OPRK_RAT P34975 CHEMBL3614 Kappa Opioid Receptor, Rat 1
OPRM_RAT P33535 CHEMBL270 Mu Opioid Receptor, Rat 1
P97706_RAT P97706 CHEMBL4957 Sodium Channel Protein Type VI Alpha Subunit, Rat 1
PDE1A_HUMAN P54750 CHEMBL3421 Phosphodiesterase 1A, Human 1
PDE1B_HUMAN Q01064 CHEMBL4425 Phosphodiesterase 1B, Human 1
PDE1B_RAT Q01066 CHEMBL3665 Phosphodiesterase 1B, Rat 1
PDE1C_HUMAN Q14123 CHEMBL4619 Phosphodiesterase 1C, Human 1
PRIO_HUMAN P04156 CHEMBL4869 Prion Protein, Human 1
Q4U254_9ENTO Q4U254 CHEMBL2857 Human Rhinovirus A Protease, 9ento 1
Q63380_RAT Q63380 CHEMBL6184 Transporter, Rat 1
Q72874_9HIV1 Q72874 CHEMBL243 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Protease, 9hiv1 1
Q8AWE3_CHICK Q8AWE3 CHEMBL2669 Serine-threonine Protein Phosphatase 2A Regulatory Subunit, Chick 1
Q8CFM9_RAT Q8CFM9 CHEMBL3940 Adenylate Cyclase Type VII, Rat 1
S22A1_HUMAN O15245 CHEMBL5685 Solute Carrier Family 22 Member 1, Human 1
SCN5A_RAT P15389 CHEMBL3866 Sodium Channel Protein Type V Alpha Subunit, Rat 1
THA_HUMAN P10827 CHEMBL1860 Thyroid Hormone Receptor Alpha, Human 1
THB_HUMAN P10828 CHEMBL1947 Thyroid Hormone Receptor Beta-1, Human 1
TRPV1_RAT O35433 CHEMBL5102 Vanilloid Receptor, Rat 1
TSPO_RAT P16257 CHEMBL4552 Peripheral-type Benzodiazepine Receptor, Rat 1
TYTR_TRYCR P28593 CHEMBL5131 Trypanothione Reductase, Trycr 1
Z100267 Z100267 CHEMBL612409 Anti-estrogen Binding Site (AEBS) 1
Z104302 Z104302 CHEMBL1907608 Glutamate NMDA Receptor 1
Z50274 Z50274 CHEMBL614955 Aspergillus Flavus 1
Z50275 Z50275 CHEMBL358 Aspergillus Niger 1
Z50380 Z50380 CHEMBL613088 Mycobacterium Smegmatis 1
Z50436 Z50436 CHEMBL365 Filobasidiella Neoformans 1
Z50444 Z50444 CHEMBL612868 Candida Parapsilosis 1
Z50446 Z50446 CHEMBL612870 Candida Tropicalis 1
Z50466 Z50466 CHEMBL368 Trypanosoma Cruzi 1
Z50512 Z50512 CHEMBL369 Cavia Porcellus 1
Z50587 Z50587 CHEMBL372 Homo Sapiens 1
Z50592 Z50592 CHEMBL374 Oryctolagus Cuniculus 1
Z50609 Z50609 CHEMBL613499 Simian Immunodeficiency Virus 1
Z50614 Z50614 CHEMBL613551 Human T-lymphotropic Virus 1 1
Z80052 Z80052 CHEMBL614533 C8166 (Leukemic T-cells) 1
Z80054 Z80054 CHEMBL614058 Caco-2 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80076 Z80076 CHEMBL614548 CEM-SS (T-cell Leukemia) 1
Z80083 Z80083 CHEMBL614553 CEM-VCR 1000 1
Z80107 Z80107 CHEMBL614564 COS-7 (Kidney Cells) 1
Z80120 Z80120 CHEMBL614285 DLD-1 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80133 Z80133 CHEMBL614294 EMT6 (Mammary Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80156 Z80156 CHEMBL383 HL-60 (Promyeloblast Leukemia Cells) 1
Z80186 Z80186 CHEMBL385 K562 (Erythroleukemia Cells) 1
Z80232 Z80232 CHEMBL614128 MCF7-VP 1
Z80364 Z80364 CHEMBL614218 P388/ADR (Lymphoma Cells) 1
Z80493 Z80493 CHEMBL614925 SK-OV-3 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80516 Z80516 CHEMBL614940 SUP-T1 1
Z80532 Z80532 CHEMBL614774 T-24 (Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80682 Z80682 CHEMBL392 A549 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80711 Z80711 CHEMBL613829 NCI/ADR-RES (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80774 Z80774 CHEMBL614457 CHRC5 Cell Line 1
Z80874 Z80874 CHEMBL393 CEM (T-cell Leukemia) 1
Z80897 Z80897 CHEMBL614806 H9 (T-lymphoid Cells) 1
Z80936 Z80936 CHEMBL614818 HEK293 (Embryonic Kidney Fibroblasts) 1
Z80951 Z80951 CHEMBL614822 NIH3T3 (Fibroblasts) 1
Z81008 Z81008 CHEMBL614788 Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines 1
Z81245 Z81245 CHEMBL614697 MDA-MB-435 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z81252 Z81252 CHEMBL400 MDA-MB-231 (Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1