Substance Information

In ZINC since Heavy atoms Benign functionality
February 2nd, 2012 22 No

CAS Number: 10344-94-2

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Store at 0C

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Physical Representations

Type pH range xlogP Des A‑Pol Apolar desolvation (kcal/mol) Des Pol Polar desolvation (kcal/mol) H Don H-bond donors H Acc H-bond acceptors Chg Net charge tPSA (Ų) MWT Molecular weight (g/mol) RB Rotatable bonds DL
Ref Reference (pH 7) -0.49 0.17 -47.57 3 10 -1 165 314.226 4

Vendor Notes

Note Type Comments Provided By
Notes NPG is a spectrophotometric substrate forb-Glucuronidase activity. NPG is cleaved by GUSvia hydrolysation at the 1-glycosidic bond between4-nitrophenol and glucuronic acid. Apollo Scientific Bioactives

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