GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit, Human (240 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Binding ≤ 10μM 240 19 11 9
Binding ≤ 1μM 218 13 11 9
Functional ≤ 10μM 1 1 0 0

Reactome Network (0)

UniProt Swissprot ChEMBL Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
GBRE_RAT Q9ES14 CHEMBL306 GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit, Rat 101 8 9 5

Clustered By Gene (0)

Clustered By Organism (4)

Code Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
GBRE-1-E GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit (cluster #1 Of 5), Eukaryotic 250 12 10 8
GBRE-2-E GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit (cluster #2 Of 5), Eukaryotic 3 3 1 1
GBRE-3-E GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit (cluster #3 Of 5), Eukaryotic 26 8 5 4
GBRE-4-E GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit (cluster #4 Of 5), Eukaryotic 19 0 0 0
GBRE-5-E GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit (cluster #5 Of 5), Eukaryotic 42 3 3 0
Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
GBRA1_HUMAN P14867 CHEMBL1962 GABA Receptor Alpha-1 Subunit, Human 241
GBRA2_HUMAN P47869 CHEMBL4956 GABA Receptor Alpha-2 Subunit, Human 241
GBRA3_HUMAN P34903 CHEMBL3026 GABA Receptor Alpha-3 Subunit, Human 241
GBRA4_HUMAN P48169 CHEMBL2472 GABA Receptor Alpha-4 Subunit, Human 241
GBRA5_HUMAN P31644 CHEMBL5112 GABA Receptor Alpha-5 Subunit, Human 241
GBRA6_HUMAN Q16445 CHEMBL2579 GABA Receptor Alpha-6 Subunit, Human 241
GBRB1_HUMAN P18505 CHEMBL4558 GABA Receptor Beta-1 Subunit, Human 241
GBRB2_HUMAN P47870 CHEMBL1920 GABA Receptor Beta-2 Subunit, Human 241
GBRB3_HUMAN P28472 CHEMBL1847 GABA Receptor Beta-3 Subunit, Human 241
GBRD_HUMAN O14764 CHEMBL3591 GABA Receptor Delta Subunit, Human 241
GBRG1_HUMAN Q8N1C3 CHEMBL4044 GABA Receptor Gamma-1 Subunit, Human 241
GBRG2_HUMAN P18507 CHEMBL1788 GABA Receptor Gamma-2 Subunit, Human 241
GBRG3_HUMAN Q99928 CHEMBL2739 GABA Receptor Gamma-3 Subunit, Human 241
GBRP_HUMAN O00591 CHEMBL3506 GABA Receptor Pi Subunit, Human 241
GBRT_HUMAN Q9UN88 CHEMBL2843 GABA Receptor Theta Subunit, Human 166
GBRA2_RAT P23576 CHEMBL341 GABA Receptor Alpha-2 Subunit, Rat 47
Z104301 Z104301 CHEMBL1907607 GABA-A Receptor; Anion Channel 13
AA3R_HUMAN P33765 CHEMBL256 Adenosine A3 Receptor, Human 10
GBRA1_RAT P62813 CHEMBL343 GABA Receptor Alpha-1 Subunit, Rat 8
GBRB2_RAT P63138 CHEMBL295 GABA Receptor Beta-2 Subunit, Rat 8
AA1R_HUMAN P30542 CHEMBL226 Adenosine A1 Receptor, Human 7
GBRA5_RAT P19969 CHEMBL300 GABA Receptor Alpha-5 Subunit, Rat 7
GBRG2_RAT P18508 CHEMBL297 GABA Receptor Gamma-2 Subunit, Rat 7
GBRB3_RAT P63079 CHEMBL316 GABA Receptor Beta-3 Subunit, Rat 6
5HT1A_RAT P19327 CHEMBL273 Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) Receptor, Rat 3
GBRA1_BOVIN P08219 CHEMBL3627 GABA Receptor Alpha-1 Subunit, Bovin 3
GBRA2_BOVIN P10063 CHEMBL2321 GABA Receptor Alpha-2 Subunit, Bovin 3
GBRA3_BOVIN P10064 CHEMBL3628 GABA Receptor Alpha-3 Subunit, Bovin 3
GBRA3_RAT P20236 CHEMBL328 GABA Receptor Alpha-3 Subunit, Rat 3
GBRA4_BOVIN P20237 CHEMBL3140 GABA Receptor Alpha-4 Subunit, Bovin 3
GBRB1_BOVIN P08220 CHEMBL2848 GABA Receptor Beta-1 Subunit, Bovin 3
GBRG1_RAT P23574 CHEMBL296 GABA Receptor Gamma-1 Subunit, Rat 3
GBRG2_BOVIN P22300 CHEMBL5138 GABA Receptor Gamma-2 Subunit, Bovin 3
5HT1A_HUMAN P08908 CHEMBL214 Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) Receptor, Human 2
5HT1D_HUMAN P28221 CHEMBL1983 Serotonin 1d (5-HT1d) Receptor, Human 2
A2AMW3_MOUSE A2AMW3 CHEMBL3121 GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA1_MOUSE P62812 CHEMBL3139 GABA Receptor Alpha-1 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA2_MOUSE P26048 CHEMBL2705 GABA Receptor Alpha-2 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA3_MOUSE P26049 CHEMBL3387 GABA Receptor Alpha-3 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA4_MOUSE Q9D6F4 CHEMBL4182 GABA Receptor Alpha-4 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA4_RAT P28471 CHEMBL292 GABA Receptor Alpha-4 Subunit, Rat 2
GBRA5_MOUSE Q8BHJ7 CHEMBL2304 GABA Receptor Alpha-5 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA6_MOUSE P16305 CHEMBL4710 GABA Receptor Alpha-6 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRA6_RAT P30191 CHEMBL293 GABA Receptor Alpha-6 Subunit, Rat 2
GBRB1_MOUSE P50571 CHEMBL2839 GABA Receptor Beta-1 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRB3_MOUSE P63080 CHEMBL4231 GABA Receptor Beta-3 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRD_MOUSE P22933 CHEMBL3907 GABA Receptor Delta Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRG1_MOUSE Q9R0Y8 CHEMBL2891 GABA Receptor Gamma-1 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRG2_MOUSE P22723 CHEMBL2941 GABA Receptor Gamma-2 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRG3_MOUSE P27681 CHEMBL4236 GABA Receptor Gamma-3 Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRP_MOUSE Q8QZW7 CHEMBL2746 GABA Receptor Pi Subunit, Mouse 2
GBRT_MOUSE Q9JLF1 CHEMBL3249 GABA Receptor Theta Subunit, Mouse 2
5HT1D_PIG P79400 CHEMBL4105 Serotonin 1d (5-HT1d) Receptor, Pig 1
5HT1D_RAT P28565 CHEMBL5450 Serotonin 1d (5-HT1d) Receptor, Rat 1
5HT2C_HUMAN P28335 CHEMBL225 Serotonin 2c (5-HT2c) Receptor, Human 1
AA1R_RAT P25099 CHEMBL318 Adenosine A1 Receptor, Rat 1
AA2AR_RAT P30543 CHEMBL302 Adenosine A2a Receptor, Rat 1
AA2BR_RAT P29276 CHEMBL2592 Adenosine A2b Receptor, Rat 1
BACE1_HUMAN P56817 CHEMBL4822 Beta-secretase 1, Human 1
CCKAR_RAT P30551 CHEMBL2871 Cholecystokinin A Receptor, Rat 1
CP19A_HUMAN P11511 CHEMBL1978 Cytochrome P450 19A1, Human 1
DRD3_HUMAN P35462 CHEMBL234 Dopamine D3 Receptor, Human 1
FABPL_RAT P02692 CHEMBL5738 Fatty Acid-binding Protein, Liver, Rat 1
GABR1_HUMAN Q9UBS5 CHEMBL2064 GABA-B Receptor 1, Human 1
GABR1_RAT Q9Z0U4 CHEMBL2753 GABA-B Receptor 1, Rat 1
GABR2_HUMAN O75899 CHEMBL5034 GABA-B Receptor 2, Human 1
GABR2_RAT O88871 CHEMBL4686 GABA-B Receptor 2, Rat 1
GASR_RAT P30553 CHEMBL3508 Cholecystokinin B Receptor, Rat 1
GBRB1_RAT P15431 CHEMBL334 GABA Receptor Beta-1 Subunit, Rat 1
GBRD_RAT P18506 CHEMBL337 GABA Receptor Delta Subunit, Rat 1
GBRE_RAT Q9ES14 CHEMBL306 GABA Receptor Epsilon Subunit, Rat 1
GBRG3_RAT P28473 CHEMBL336 GABA Receptor Gamma-3 Subunit, Rat 1
GBRR1_HUMAN P24046 CHEMBL3561 GABA Receptor Rho-1 Subunit, Human 1
GBRR1_RAT P50572 CHEMBL3588 GABA Receptor Rho-1 Subunit, Rat 1
GBRR2_HUMAN P28476 CHEMBL2375 GABA Receptor Rho-2 Subunit, Human 1
GBRR3_HUMAN A8MPY1 CHEMBL2394 GABA Receptor Rho-3 Subunit, Human 1
OPRD_HUMAN P41143 CHEMBL236 Delta Opioid Receptor, Human 1
OPRD_PIG P79291 CHEMBL4103 Delta Opioid Receptor, Pig 1
Q91ZM7_RAT Q91ZM7 CHEMBL305 GABA Receptor Theta Subunit, Rat 1
S6A11_HUMAN P48066 CHEMBL5208 GABA Transporter 3, Human 1
S6A13_RAT P31646 CHEMBL4889 GABA Transporter 2, Rat 1
SC6A1_HUMAN P30531 CHEMBL1903 GABA Transporter 1, Human 1
SC6A1_RAT P23978 CHEMBL4054 GABA Transporter 1, Rat 1
TSPO_RAT P16257 CHEMBL4552 Peripheral-type Benzodiazepine Receptor, Rat 1
Z50597 Z50597 CHEMBL376 Rattus Norvegicus 1