Hepatitis C Virus (181 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Binding ≤ 10μM 181 9 5 9
Binding ≤ 1μM 121 6 4 8
Functional ≤ 10μM 1,699 30 14 22
ADME/T ≤ 10μM 0 0 0 0

Reactome Network (0)

Clustered By Gene (0)

Clustered By Organism (1)

Code Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Z50643-1-O Hepatitis C Virus (cluster #1 Of 2), Other 20 3 2 3
Z50643-2-O Hepatitis C Virus (cluster #2 Of 2), Other 162 6 3 6
Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
Z100497 Z100497 CHEMBL612571 Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus 51
Z50641 Z50641 CHEMBL613730 West Nile Virus 14
Q8JXU8_9HEPC Q8JXU8 CHEMBL5375 Hepatitis C Virus NS5B RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase, 9hepc 11
Z50602 Z50602 CHEMBL377 Human Herpesvirus 1 8
Z50606 Z50606 CHEMBL613497 Hepatitis B Virus 7
Z50640 Z50640 CHEMBL613729 Japanese Encephalitis Virus 6
Z50515 Z50515 CHEMBL370 Human Herpesvirus 2 5
ASND1_HUMAN Q9NWL6 CHEMBL3765 HCV NS3-transactivated Protein 1, Human 4
GRAM3_HUMAN Q96HH9 CHEMBL3339 HCV NS3-transactivated Protein 3, Human 4
Z80169 Z80169 CHEMBL614039 Huh-7 (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) 4
CATB_HUMAN P07858 CHEMBL4072 Cathepsin B, Human 3
CATK_HUMAN P43235 CHEMBL268 Cathepsin K, Human 3
CATL1_HUMAN P07711 CHEMBL3837 Cathepsin L, Human 3
CATL2_HUMAN O60911 CHEMBL3272 Cathepsin L2, Human 3
CATS_HUMAN P25774 CHEMBL2954 Cathepsin S, Human 3
CMA1_HUMAN P23946 CHEMBL4068 Chymase, Human 3
Z100496 Z100496 CHEMBL613881 Huh-5-2 (Huh-7 With Replicating HCV-RNA) 3
Z50518 Z50518 CHEMBL613124 Human Herpesvirus 4 3
Z50587 Z50587 CHEMBL372 Homo Sapiens 3
Z50607 Z50607 CHEMBL378 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 3
Z80064 Z80064 CHEMBL382 CCRF-CEM (T-cell Leukemia) 3
Z80156 Z80156 CHEMBL383 HL-60 (Promyeloblast Leukemia Cells) 3
Z80164 Z80164 CHEMBL614580 HT-1080 (Fibrosarcoma Cells) 3
Z80166 Z80166 CHEMBL384 HT-29 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 3
Z80186 Z80186 CHEMBL385 K562 (Erythroleukemia Cells) 3
Z80193 Z80193 CHEMBL386 L1210 (Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells) 3
Z80224 Z80224 CHEMBL387 MCF7 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80285 Z80285 CHEMBL614177 MOLT-4 (Acute T-lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells) 3
Z80362 Z80362 CHEMBL389 P388 (Lymphoma Cells) 3
Z80466 Z80466 CHEMBL614907 SF268 3
Z80485 Z80485 CHEMBL614919 SK-MEL-28 (Melanoma Cells) 3
Z80493 Z80493 CHEMBL614925 SK-OV-3 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80682 Z80682 CHEMBL392 A549 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80712 Z80712 CHEMBL614361 T47D (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80768 Z80768 CHEMBL614455 CH1 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80874 Z80874 CHEMBL393 CEM (T-cell Leukemia) 3
Z80928 Z80928 CHEMBL394 HCT-116 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z81020 Z81020 CHEMBL395 HepG2 (Hepatoblastoma Cells) 3
Z81034 Z81034 CHEMBL614004 A2780 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z81115 Z81115 CHEMBL398 KB (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) 3
Z81247 Z81247 CHEMBL399 HeLa (Cervical Adenocarcinoma Cells) 3
A3EZI9_9HEPC A3EZI9 CHEMBL4893 Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protease/helicase, 9hepc 2
AURKA_HUMAN O14965 CHEMBL4722 Serine/threonine-protein Kinase Aurora-A, Human 2
CATF_HUMAN Q9UBX1 CHEMBL2517 Cathepsin F, Human 2
MMP2_HUMAN P08253 CHEMBL333 Matrix Metalloproteinase-2, Human 2
POLG_HCV1 P26664 CHEMBL4620 Hepatitis C Virus Polyprotein, Hcv1 2
Q7ZJM1_9HIV1 Q7ZJM1 CHEMBL3471 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Integrase, 9hiv1 2
TLR7_HUMAN Q9NYK1 CHEMBL5936 Toll-like Receptor 7, Human 2
TOP1_HUMAN P11387 CHEMBL1781 DNA Topoisomerase I, Human 2
TOP1_MOUSE Q04750 CHEMBL2814 DNA Topoisomerase I, Mouse 2
TOP2A_HUMAN P11388 CHEMBL1806 DNA Topoisomerase II Alpha, Human 2
TOP2A_MOUSE Q01320 CHEMBL3586 DNA Topoisomerase II Alpha, Mouse 2
TOP2B_HUMAN Q02880 CHEMBL3396 DNA Topoisomerase II Beta, Human 2
TOP2B_MOUSE Q64511 CHEMBL5564 DNA Topoisomerase II Beta, Mouse 2
Z103203 Z103203 CHEMBL1075388 A375 2
Z103205 Z103205 CHEMBL1075390 A431 2
Z103219 Z103219 CHEMBL1075404 Ca9-22 2
Z50347 Z50347 CHEMBL361 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 2
Z50529 Z50529 CHEMBL613134 Cytomegalovirus 2
Z50530 Z50530 CHEMBL371 Human Herpesvirus 5 2
Z50627 Z50627 CHEMBL613717 Human Papillomavirus Type 11 2
Z50677 Z50677 CHEMBL613758 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 2
Z80008 Z80008 CHEMBL612565 5637 (Epithelial Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80017 Z80017 CHEMBL614023 A2780cisR (Cisplatin-resistant Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80018 Z80018 CHEMBL613859 A-375 (Malignant Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80021 Z80021 CHEMBL614516 A498 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80025 Z80025 CHEMBL614519 ACHN (Renal Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80026 Z80026 CHEMBL613860 AGS (Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80035 Z80035 CHEMBL381 B16 (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80039 Z80039 CHEMBL614526 BGC-823 (Stomach Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80052 Z80052 CHEMBL614533 C8166 (Leukemic T-cells) 2
Z80054 Z80054 CHEMBL614058 Caco-2 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80068 Z80068 CHEMBL614542 CCRF-SB (Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells) 2
Z80088 Z80088 CHEMBL613853 CHO (Ovarian Cells) 2
Z80092 Z80092 CHEMBL614031 CHO-K1 (Ovarian Cells) 2
Z80105 Z80105 CHEMBL613854 COR-L23 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80114 Z80114 CHEMBL614281 Daudi (Burkitts Lymphoma Cells) 2
Z80125 Z80125 CHEMBL613508 DU-145 (Prostate Carcinoma) 2
Z80126 Z80126 CHEMBL614289 DuPro 2
Z80138 Z80138 CHEMBL614036 G-361 (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80145 Z80145 CHEMBL614045 H69 2
Z80175 Z80175 CHEMBL614585 IMR-32 (Neuroblastoma Cells) 2
Z80188 Z80188 CHEMBL614590 KB 3-1 (Cervical Epithelial Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80211 Z80211 CHEMBL614721 LoVo (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80214 Z80214 CHEMBL614317 M14 (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80227 Z80227 CHEMBL614324 MCF7-ADR (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80240 Z80240 CHEMBL614129 MDA-MB-361 2
Z80243 Z80243 CHEMBL614334 MDA-MB-453 (Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80244 Z80244 CHEMBL614335 MDA-MB-468 (Breast Adenocarcinoma) 2
Z80254 Z80254 CHEMBL614343 MES-SA (Uterine Sarcoma Cells) 2
Z80255 Z80255 CHEMBL613827 MES-SA/DxS (Uterine Sarcoma Cells) 2
Z80267 Z80267 CHEMBL614352 MKN-1 2
Z80269 Z80269 CHEMBL614354 MKN-45 (Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80291 Z80291 CHEMBL614181 MRC5 (Embryonic Lung Fibroblast Cells) 2
Z80295 Z80295 CHEMBL388 MT4 (Lymphocytes) 2
Z80322 Z80322 CHEMBL614135 NCI-H358 (Lung Carcinama Cells) 2
Z80330 Z80330 CHEMBL614197 NCI-N87 2
Z80354 Z80354 CHEMBL614213 OVCAR-3 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80364 Z80364 CHEMBL614218 P388/ADR (Lymphoma Cells) 2
Z80367 Z80367 CHEMBL614220 P388/S 2
Z80389 Z80389 CHEMBL614140 PC-14 2
Z80390 Z80390 CHEMBL390 PC-3 (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80414 Z80414 CHEMBL614628 Raji (B-lymphoblastic Cells) 2
Z80433 Z80433 CHEMBL614882 RPMI-8226 (Multiple Myeloma Cells) 2
Z80441 Z80441 CHEMBL614889 RXF 944 2
Z80468 Z80468 CHEMBL614908 SF-295 (Glioblastoma Cells) 2
Z80472 Z80472 CHEMBL612542 SiHa (Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma) 2
Z80475 Z80475 CHEMBL613834 SK-BR-3 (Breast Adenocarcinoma) 2
Z80477 Z80477 CHEMBL614912 SK_HEP1 (Hepatoma Cells) 2
Z80479 Z80479 CHEMBL614914 SK-MEL (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80481 Z80481 CHEMBL614916 SK-MEL-1 (Metastatic Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80482 Z80482 CHEMBL614917 SK-MEL-2 (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80490 Z80490 CHEMBL614923 SK-MES-1 2
Z80491 Z80491 CHEMBL614163 SK-N-MC (Neuroepithelioma Cells) 2
Z80492 Z80492 CHEMBL614924 SK-N-SH (Neuroblastoma Cells) 2
Z80495 Z80495 CHEMBL614927 SK-VLB 2
Z80503 Z80503 CHEMBL614931 SNU1 2
Z80509 Z80509 CHEMBL614935 SNU-638 (Gastric Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80526 Z80526 CHEMBL612544 SW480 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80532 Z80532 CHEMBL614774 T-24 (Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80548 Z80548 CHEMBL614245 THP-1 (Acute Monocytic Leukemia Cells) 2
Z80559 Z80559 CHEMBL615021 U251 2
Z80560 Z80560 CHEMBL615022 U-251 (Glioma Cells) 2
Z80563 Z80563 CHEMBL615025 U-373 MG ( Glioblastoma Cells) 2
Z80565 Z80565 CHEMBL614247 U-87 MG (Glioblastoma Cells) 2
Z80574 Z80574 CHEMBL612799 UMUC3 2
Z80581 Z80581 CHEMBL614248 VA13 2
Z80583 Z80583 CHEMBL391 Vero (Kidney Cells) 2
Z80595 Z80595 CHEMBL612810 WIL2-NS (Lymphoblastoid Cells) 2
Z80600 Z80600 CHEMBL613533 XF498 (Glioma Cells) 2
Z80608 Z80608 CHEMBL614393 ZR-75-1 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80661 Z80661 CHEMBL614567 A704 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80697 Z80697 CHEMBL614279 Bel-7402 (Hepatoma Cells) 2
Z80726 Z80726 CHEMBL614367 TRAMP-C1A (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80730 Z80730 CHEMBL614368 C2D Cell Line 2
Z80731 Z80731 CHEMBL613541 C2G Cell Line 2
Z80732 Z80732 CHEMBL614369 TRAMP-C2H (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80735 Z80735 CHEMBL614739 C38 (Colon Carcinoma) 2
Z80784 Z80784 CHEMBL614462 Col2 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80801 Z80801 CHEMBL614151 CRL-7065 Cell Line 2
Z80819 Z80819 CHEMBL614484 J774.2 2
Z80846 Z80846 CHEMBL614493 F460pv8/eto Cell Line 2
Z80852 Z80852 CHEMBL614069 A-431 (Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80887 Z80887 CHEMBL614802 H2981 Cell Line 2
Z80889 Z80889 CHEMBL614803 NCI-H322M (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80896 Z80896 CHEMBL614805 NCI-H69 (Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80936 Z80936 CHEMBL614818 HEK293 (Embryonic Kidney Fibroblasts) 2
Z80943 Z80943 CHEMBL614819 HEL 299 2
Z80945 Z80945 CHEMBL614735 HEp-2 (Laryngeal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z81005 Z81005 CHEMBL614839 HTB-54 Cell Line 2
Z81006 Z81006 CHEMBL612259 Human Breast 401NL Tumor Cell Line 2
Z81017 Z81017 CHEMBL614647 WiDr (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z81024 Z81024 CHEMBL396 NCI-H460 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma) 2
Z81025 Z81025 CHEMBL613890 Human Lung LXF 529L Tumor Cell Line 2
Z81026 Z81026 CHEMBL614689 Human Lung LXF 629L Tumor Cell Line 2
Z81028 Z81028 CHEMBL613892 Human Melanoma Cell Line 2
Z81043 Z81043 CHEMBL613969 N592 2
Z81054 Z81054 CHEMBL613977 SF-268 (Glioblastoma Cells) 2
Z81072 Z81072 CHEMBL397 Jurkat (Acute Leukemic T-cells) 2
Z81101 Z81101 CHEMBL614010 KBM-3 Cell Line 2
Z81102 Z81102 CHEMBL613994 KBM-3/DOX Cell Line 2
Z81133 Z81133 CHEMBL614000 L1210 (1565) 2
Z81134 Z81134 CHEMBL614650 L2987 (Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z81160 Z81160 CHEMBL614088 Lewis Lung Carcinoma Cell Line 2
Z81164 Z81164 CHEMBL614091 LL Cell Line 2
Z81167 Z81167 CHEMBL614093 LLTC Cell Line 2
Z81170 Z81170 CHEMBL612518 LNCaP (Prostate Carcinoma) 2
Z81184 Z81184 CHEMBL614096 LOX IMVI (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z81201 Z81201 CHEMBL614643 HOP-62 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z81211 Z81211 CHEMBL614109 LXFL529 Cell Line 2
Z81244 Z81244 CHEMBL614123 J774 (Macrophage Cells) 2
Z81245 Z81245 CHEMBL614697 MDA-MB-435 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z81252 Z81252 CHEMBL400 MDA-MB-231 (Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z81257 Z81257 CHEMBL614732 MEL-AC Cell Line 2
Z81261 Z81261 CHEMBL614127 UACC-375 2
Z81277 Z81277 CHEMBL613287 NCI-N417 2
Z81280 Z81280 CHEMBL614740 NCI-H226 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z81284 Z81284 CHEMBL614999 NCI-H647 2
Z81331 Z81331 CHEMBL612262 SW-620 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z81335 Z81335 CHEMBL612263 HCT-15 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z81341 Z81341 CHEMBL614310 Tumor Cell Lines 2
CELA1_HUMAN Q9UNI1 CHEMBL3000 Elastase 1, Human 1
D2K2A8_9HEPC D2K2A8 CHEMBL2364 Hepatitis C Virus NS4A Protein, 9hepc 1
ELNE_HUMAN P08246 CHEMBL248 Leukocyte Elastase, Human 1
MDTK_ECOLI P37340 CHEMBL1681613 Multidrug Resistance Protein MdtK, Ecoli 1
NR1I2_HUMAN O75469 CHEMBL3401 Pregnane X Receptor, Human 1
TERT_HUMAN O14746 CHEMBL2916 Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase, Human 1
Z100081 Z100081 CHEMBL613107 PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) 1
Z101767 Z101767 CHEMBL613966 Dengue Virus 2 1
Z101896 Z101896 CHEMBL612927 Mammalian Orthoreovirus 1 1
Z103196 Z103196 CHEMBL1075381 22RV1 1
Z104302 Z104302 CHEMBL1907608 Glutamate NMDA Receptor 1
Z50517 Z50517 CHEMBL613123 Human Herpesvirus 5 Strain AD169 1
Z50527 Z50527 CHEMBL613132 Human Herpesvirus 3 1
Z50642 Z50642 CHEMBL613731 Yellow Fever Virus 1
Z80067 Z80067 CHEMBL614541 CCRF-HSB-2 (T-cell Leukemia Cells) 1
Z80100 Z80100 CHEMBL614257 COLO 320 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80429 Z80429 CHEMBL614881 RPMI 6410 1
Z80500 Z80500 CHEMBL614930 SNB-7 1
Z80640 Z80640 CHEMBL613102 786-0 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80678 Z80678 CHEMBL614270 AMML Cell Line 1
Z80777 Z80777 CHEMBL614800 CML/BC Cell Line 1
Z81077 Z81077 CHEMBL613989 KATO III Cell Line 1
Z81166 Z81166 CHEMBL614092 LLC Cell Line 1
Z81192 Z81192 CHEMBL614101 PC-8 1
Z81193 Z81193 CHEMBL614102 PC-9 1
Z81281 Z81281 CHEMBL614997 NCI-H23 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 1