SK-OV-3 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) (988 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Functional ≤ 10μM 988 50 39 27
ADME/T ≤ 10μM 0 0 0 0

Reactome Network (0)

Clustered By Gene (0)

Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
Z80166 Z80166 CHEMBL384 HT-29 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 292
Z80682 Z80682 CHEMBL392 A549 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 240
Z81034 Z81034 CHEMBL614004 A2780 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 178
Z80768 Z80768 CHEMBL614455 CH1 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 167
Z80186 Z80186 CHEMBL385 K562 (Erythroleukemia Cells) 122
Z80156 Z80156 CHEMBL383 HL-60 (Promyeloblast Leukemia Cells) 121
Z81335 Z81335 CHEMBL612263 HCT-15 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 111
Z80482 Z80482 CHEMBL614917 SK-MEL-2 (Melanoma Cells) 108
Z80224 Z80224 CHEMBL387 MCF7 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 101
Z81247 Z81247 CHEMBL399 HeLa (Cervical Adenocarcinoma Cells) 98
Z80133 Z80133 CHEMBL614294 EMT6 (Mammary Carcinoma Cells) 91
Z80928 Z80928 CHEMBL394 HCT-116 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 91
Z81115 Z81115 CHEMBL398 KB (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) 87
Z80193 Z80193 CHEMBL386 L1210 (Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells) 81
Z81024 Z81024 CHEMBL396 NCI-H460 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma) 81
Z80600 Z80600 CHEMBL613533 XF498 (Glioma Cells) 80
Z80390 Z80390 CHEMBL390 PC-3 (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 79
Z80578 Z80578 CHEMBL612800 UV4 74
Z80667 Z80667 CHEMBL614262 AA8 73
Z80466 Z80466 CHEMBL614907 SF268 58
Z81252 Z81252 CHEMBL400 MDA-MB-231 (Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells) 52
Z80164 Z80164 CHEMBL614580 HT-1080 (Fibrosarcoma Cells) 50
Z80485 Z80485 CHEMBL614919 SK-MEL-28 (Melanoma Cells) 50
Z80125 Z80125 CHEMBL613508 DU-145 (Prostate Carcinoma) 40
Z80211 Z80211 CHEMBL614721 LoVo (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 37
Z103205 Z103205 CHEMBL1075390 A431 34
Z80475 Z80475 CHEMBL613834 SK-BR-3 (Breast Adenocarcinoma) 30
Z80495 Z80495 CHEMBL614927 SK-VLB 30
Z80712 Z80712 CHEMBL614361 T47D (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 30
TBB2B_BOVIN Q6B856 CHEMBL3394 Tubulin Beta Chain, Bovin 28
Z81017 Z81017 CHEMBL614647 WiDr (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 28
Z50587 Z50587 CHEMBL372 Homo Sapiens 27
Z81264 Z81264 CHEMBL614074 V79 (Lung Fibroblasts) 27
Z80362 Z80362 CHEMBL389 P388 (Lymphoma Cells) 26
Z81020 Z81020 CHEMBL395 HepG2 (Hepatoblastoma Cells) 26
Z80064 Z80064 CHEMBL382 CCRF-CEM (T-cell Leukemia) 24
Z80244 Z80244 CHEMBL614335 MDA-MB-468 (Breast Adenocarcinoma) 23
Z81245 Z81245 CHEMBL614697 MDA-MB-435 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 22
Z80874 Z80874 CHEMBL393 CEM (T-cell Leukemia) 20
Z80017 Z80017 CHEMBL614023 A2780cisR (Cisplatin-resistant Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 19
Z80269 Z80269 CHEMBL614354 MKN-45 (Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cells) 16
Z103203 Z103203 CHEMBL1075388 A375 15
Z81331 Z81331 CHEMBL612262 SW-620 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 15
Z80025 Z80025 CHEMBL614519 ACHN (Renal Adenocarcinoma Cells) 14
Z80088 Z80088 CHEMBL613853 CHO (Ovarian Cells) 14
Z80526 Z80526 CHEMBL612544 SW480 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 14
Z80138 Z80138 CHEMBL614036 G-361 (Melanoma Cells) 13
Z80427 Z80427 CHEMBL614879 RKO (Colon Carcinoma) 13
Z81054 Z81054 CHEMBL613977 SF-268 (Glioblastoma Cells) 13
Z50677 Z50677 CHEMBL613758 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 12
Z80354 Z80354 CHEMBL614213 OVCAR-3 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Cells) 12
Z81072 Z81072 CHEMBL397 Jurkat (Acute Leukemic T-cells) 12
Z81170 Z81170 CHEMBL612518 LNCaP (Prostate Carcinoma) 12
Z80096 Z80096 CHEMBL614559 CHO-TAX 5-6 11
Z80097 Z80097 CHEMBL614560 CHO-VV 3-2 11
Z80316 Z80316 CHEMBL614771 NCI-H128 11
Z80472 Z80472 CHEMBL612542 SiHa (Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma) 11
Z81233 Z81233 CHEMBL614117 M21 (Melanoma Cells) 11
HS90A_HUMAN P07900 CHEMBL3880 Heat Shock Protein HSP 90-alpha, Human 10
HS90B_HUMAN P08238 CHEMBL4303 Heat Shock Protein HSP 90-beta, Human 10
Z80018 Z80018 CHEMBL613859 A-375 (Malignant Melanoma Cells) 10
Z80559 Z80559 CHEMBL615021 U251 10
Z81184 Z81184 CHEMBL614096 LOX IMVI (Melanoma Cells) 10
Z81201 Z81201 CHEMBL614643 HOP-62 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 10
Z50425 Z50425 CHEMBL364 Plasmodium Falciparum 9
Z80488 Z80488 CHEMBL614922 SK-MEL-5 (Melanoma Cells) 9
Z80021 Z80021 CHEMBL614516 A498 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 8
Z80035 Z80035 CHEMBL381 B16 (Melanoma Cells) 8
Z80099 Z80099 CHEMBL614561 COLO 205 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 8
Z80214 Z80214 CHEMBL614317 M14 (Melanoma Cells) 8
Z80468 Z80468 CHEMBL614908 SF-295 (Glioblastoma Cells) 8
Z80563 Z80563 CHEMBL615025 U-373 MG ( Glioblastoma Cells) 8
Z80593 Z80593 CHEMBL612808 WiDr-NTR 8
Z80640 Z80640 CHEMBL613102 786-0 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 8
Z80120 Z80120 CHEMBL614285 DLD-1 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 7
Z80254 Z80254 CHEMBL614343 MES-SA (Uterine Sarcoma Cells) 7
Z80364 Z80364 CHEMBL614218 P388/ADR (Lymphoma Cells) 7
Z80711 Z80711 CHEMBL613829 NCI/ADR-RES (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 7
Z80889 Z80889 CHEMBL614803 NCI-H322M (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 7
Z80895 Z80895 CHEMBL612256 NCI-H596 7
Z80896 Z80896 CHEMBL614805 NCI-H69 (Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 7
Z81280 Z81280 CHEMBL614740 NCI-H226 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 7
ESR1_HUMAN P03372 CHEMBL206 Estrogen Receptor Alpha, Human 6
ESR2_HUMAN Q92731 CHEMBL242 Estrogen Receptor Beta, Human 6
TBB1_HUMAN Q9H4B7 CHEMBL1915 Tubulin Beta-1 Chain, Human 6
Z50418 Z50418 CHEMBL612849 Trypanosoma Brucei 6
Z80026 Z80026 CHEMBL613860 AGS (Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cells) 6
Z80285 Z80285 CHEMBL614177 MOLT-4 (Acute T-lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells) 6
Z80433 Z80433 CHEMBL614882 RPMI-8226 (Multiple Myeloma Cells) 6
Z80697 Z80697 CHEMBL614279 Bel-7402 (Hepatoma Cells) 6
Z81068 Z81068 CHEMBL614649 Ishikawa (Uterine Carcinoma Cells) 6
Z81248 Z81248 CHEMBL614021 Malme-3M (Melanoma Cells) 6
Z81281 Z81281 CHEMBL614997 NCI-H23 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 6
Z81283 Z81283 CHEMBL614387 NCI-H522 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 6
TBA1A_RAT P68370 CHEMBL4139 Tubulin Alpha-1 Chain, Rat 5
TOP1_HUMAN P11387 CHEMBL1781 DNA Topoisomerase I, Human 5
TOP1_MOUSE Q04750 CHEMBL2814 DNA Topoisomerase I, Mouse 5
TOP2A_HUMAN P11388 CHEMBL1806 DNA Topoisomerase II Alpha, Human 5
TOP2A_MOUSE Q01320 CHEMBL3586 DNA Topoisomerase II Alpha, Mouse 5
TOP2B_HUMAN Q02880 CHEMBL3396 DNA Topoisomerase II Beta, Human 5
TOP2B_MOUSE Q64511 CHEMBL5564 DNA Topoisomerase II Beta, Mouse 5
XIAP_HUMAN P98170 CHEMBL4198 Inhibitor Of Apoptosis Protein 3, Human 5
Z80054 Z80054 CHEMBL614058 Caco-2 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 5
Z80055 Z80055 CHEMBL614067 CAKI-1 (Kidney Carcinoma Cells) 5
Z80145 Z80145 CHEMBL614045 H69 5
Z80188 Z80188 CHEMBL614590 KB 3-1 (Cervical Epithelial Carcinoma Cells) 5
Z80255 Z80255 CHEMBL613827 MES-SA/DxS (Uterine Sarcoma Cells) 5
Z80414 Z80414 CHEMBL614628 Raji (B-lymphoblastic Cells) 5
Z80608 Z80608 CHEMBL614393 ZR-75-1 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 5
Z80852 Z80852 CHEMBL614069 A-431 (Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells) 5
Z81057 Z81057 CHEMBL613979 HUVEC (Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells) 5
Z81160 Z81160 CHEMBL614088 Lewis Lung Carcinoma Cell Line 5
Z100490 Z100490 CHEMBL612588 ASPC1 (Pancreatic Tumour Cell Line) 4
Z80068 Z80068 CHEMBL614542 CCRF-SB (Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells) 4
Z80114 Z80114 CHEMBL614281 Daudi (Burkitts Lymphoma Cells) 4
Z80192 Z80192 CHEMBL614709 KM12 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 4
Z80295 Z80295 CHEMBL388 MT4 (Lymphocytes) 4
Z80322 Z80322 CHEMBL614135 NCI-H358 (Lung Carcinama Cells) 4
Z80441 Z80441 CHEMBL614889 RXF 944 4
Z80453 Z80453 CHEMBL614897 SC-3 4
Z80498 Z80498 CHEMBL614054 SN12C (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 4
Z80532 Z80532 CHEMBL614774 T-24 (Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 4
Z80560 Z80560 CHEMBL615022 U-251 (Glioma Cells) 4
Z80819 Z80819 CHEMBL614484 J774.2 4
Z80945 Z80945 CHEMBL614735 HEp-2 (Laryngeal Carcinoma Cells) 4
Z81006 Z81006 CHEMBL612259 Human Breast 401NL Tumor Cell Line 4
Z81025 Z81025 CHEMBL613890 Human Lung LXF 529L Tumor Cell Line 4
Z81026 Z81026 CHEMBL614689 Human Lung LXF 629L Tumor Cell Line 4
Z81037 Z81037 CHEMBL613967 Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cell Line 4
Z81043 Z81043 CHEMBL613969 N592 4
Z81065 Z81065 CHEMBL613984 IGROV-1 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Cells) 4
Z81244 Z81244 CHEMBL614123 J774 (Macrophage Cells) 4
Z81246 Z81246 CHEMBL614078 MDA-N (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 4
Z81270 Z81270 CHEMBL614763 Mouse Mammary Carcinoma Cell Line 4
Z81325 Z81325 CHEMBL614300 SR (Leukemia Cells) 4
Q862F3_BOVIN Q862F3 CHEMBL4262 Tubulin Alpha Chain, Bovin 3
Q862L2_BOVIN Q862L2 CHEMBL3752 Tubulin Alpha-1 Chain, Bovin 3
TBB3_HUMAN Q13509 CHEMBL2597 Tubulin Beta-3 Chain, Human 3
TBB4A_HUMAN P04350 CHEMBL3838 Tubulin Beta-4 Chain, Human 3
TBB4B_HUMAN P68371 CHEMBL1848 Tubulin Beta-2 Chain, Human 3
TBB8_HUMAN Q3ZCM7 CHEMBL4024 Tubulin Beta-8 Chain, Human 3
Z100507 Z100507 CHEMBL612406 CEM/C2 (Camptothecin-resistant CEM Cells) 3
Z100745 Z100745 CHEMBL613704 MX1 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z50426 Z50426 CHEMBL612856 Plasmodium Falciparum (isolate K1 / Thailand) 3
Z50590 Z50590 CHEMBL613488 Sus Scrofa 3
Z50643 Z50643 CHEMBL379 Hepatitis C Virus 3
Z80008 Z80008 CHEMBL612565 5637 (Epithelial Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80013 Z80013 CHEMBL614513 A10 3
Z80019 Z80019 CHEMBL614515 A-427 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80039 Z80039 CHEMBL614526 BGC-823 (Stomach Adenocarcinoma Cells) 3
Z80105 Z80105 CHEMBL613854 COR-L23 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80152 Z80152 CHEMBL613510 HCT-8 (Ileocecal Adenocarcinoma) 3
Z80227 Z80227 CHEMBL614324 MCF7-ADR (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80367 Z80367 CHEMBL614220 P388/S 3
Z80490 Z80490 CHEMBL614923 SK-MES-1 3
Z80491 Z80491 CHEMBL614163 SK-N-MC (Neuroepithelioma Cells) 3
Z80548 Z80548 CHEMBL614245 THP-1 (Acute Monocytic Leukemia Cells) 3
Z80565 Z80565 CHEMBL614247 U-87 MG (Glioblastoma Cells) 3
Z80583 Z80583 CHEMBL391 Vero (Kidney Cells) 3
Z80661 Z80661 CHEMBL614567 A704 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80784 Z80784 CHEMBL614462 Col2 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z80838 Z80838 CHEMBL614489 EOL1 (Eosinophilic Cells) 3
Z80846 Z80846 CHEMBL614493 F460pv8/eto Cell Line 3
Z80991 Z80991 CHEMBL614645 Hs-578T (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 3
Z81134 Z81134 CHEMBL614650 L2987 (Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells) 3
Z81164 Z81164 CHEMBL614091 LL Cell Line 3
Z81167 Z81167 CHEMBL614093 LLTC Cell Line 3
Z81187 Z81187 CHEMBL614098 LT12 Tumor Cell Line 3
Z81261 Z81261 CHEMBL614127 UACC-375 3
Z81284 Z81284 CHEMBL614999 NCI-H647 3
Z81341 Z81341 CHEMBL614310 Tumor Cell Lines 3
Q25270_LEIDO Q25270 CHEMBL3186 Beta Tubulin, Leido 2
TBA1A_PIG P02550 CHEMBL3658 Tubulin Alpha Chain, Pig 2
TBA4A_HUMAN P68366 CHEMBL2070 Tubulin Alpha-1 Chain, Human 2
TBB5_HUMAN P07437 CHEMBL5444 Tubulin Beta-5 Chain, Human 2
Z100733 Z100733 CHEMBL613866 CT26 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z100752 Z100752 CHEMBL612568 Renca (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z101973 Z101973 CHEMBL613240 Paracentrotus Lividus 2
Z102352 Z102352 CHEMBL613652 Plasma 2
Z103208 Z103208 CHEMBL1075393 AU565 2
Z103219 Z103219 CHEMBL1075404 Ca9-22 2
Z103413 Z103413 CHEMBL1075598 SW948 2
Z50347 Z50347 CHEMBL361 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 2
Z50436 Z50436 CHEMBL365 Filobasidiella Neoformans 2
Z50442 Z50442 CHEMBL366 Candida Albicans 2
Z50466 Z50466 CHEMBL368 Trypanosoma Cruzi 2
Z80002 Z80002 CHEMBL614075 1A9 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80012 Z80012 CHEMBL614512 A 172 (Glioblastoma Cells) 2
Z80052 Z80052 CHEMBL614533 C8166 (Leukemic T-cells) 2
Z80056 Z80056 CHEMBL613852 CAKI-2 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80092 Z80092 CHEMBL614031 CHO-K1 (Ovarian Cells) 2
Z80115 Z80115 CHEMBL612702 DC3F 2
Z80126 Z80126 CHEMBL614289 DuPro 2
Z80136 Z80136 CHEMBL614297 FM3A (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80175 Z80175 CHEMBL614585 IMR-32 (Neuroblastoma Cells) 2
Z80231 Z80231 CHEMBL614328 MCF7S (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80240 Z80240 CHEMBL614129 MDA-MB-361 2
Z80243 Z80243 CHEMBL614334 MDA-MB-453 (Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80267 Z80267 CHEMBL614352 MKN-1 2
Z80284 Z80284 CHEMBL614176 MOLT-3 (T-lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells) 2
Z80291 Z80291 CHEMBL614181 MRC5 (Embryonic Lung Fibroblast Cells) 2
Z80330 Z80330 CHEMBL614197 NCI-N87 2
Z80357 Z80357 CHEMBL612555 OVCAR-8 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80389 Z80389 CHEMBL614140 PC-14 2
Z80477 Z80477 CHEMBL614912 SK_HEP1 (Hepatoma Cells) 2
Z80479 Z80479 CHEMBL614914 SK-MEL (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80481 Z80481 CHEMBL614916 SK-MEL-1 (Metastatic Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80492 Z80492 CHEMBL614924 SK-N-SH (Neuroblastoma Cells) 2
Z80499 Z80499 CHEMBL614164 SNB-19 (Glioma Cells) 2
Z80503 Z80503 CHEMBL614931 SNU1 2
Z80509 Z80509 CHEMBL614935 SNU-638 (Gastric Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80514 Z80514 CHEMBL614166 St-4 (Stomach Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80551 Z80551 CHEMBL614056 TK-10 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80555 Z80555 CHEMBL615018 TSGH 2
Z80568 Z80568 CHEMBL612796 UACC-257 (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80570 Z80570 CHEMBL614610 UACC-62 (Melanoma Cells) 2
Z80574 Z80574 CHEMBL612799 UMUC3 2
Z80575 Z80575 CHEMBL614388 UO-31 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80581 Z80581 CHEMBL614248 VA13 2
Z80595 Z80595 CHEMBL612810 WIL2-NS (Lymphoblastoid Cells) 2
Z80601 Z80601 CHEMBL614060 XRS6 2
Z80623 Z80623 CHEMBL612911 Panel (56 Tumour Cell Lines) 2
Z80647 Z80647 CHEMBL613103 833K Cell Line 2
Z80716 Z80716 CHEMBL614363 BT-549 Breast Cancer Cell Line 2
Z80726 Z80726 CHEMBL614367 TRAMP-C1A (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80730 Z80730 CHEMBL614368 C2D Cell Line 2
Z80731 Z80731 CHEMBL613541 C2G Cell Line 2
Z80732 Z80732 CHEMBL614369 TRAMP-C2H (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80735 Z80735 CHEMBL614739 C38 (Colon Carcinoma) 2
Z80751 Z80751 CHEMBL614379 Caov-3 Cell Line 2
Z80799 Z80799 CHEMBL612517 RPMI 8402 (Pre-T-lymphoblastoid Cells) 2
Z80801 Z80801 CHEMBL614151 CRL-7065 Cell Line 2
Z80816 Z80816 CHEMBL614481 DA-3 Cell Line 2
Z80834 Z80834 CHEMBL614487 EKVX (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80847 Z80847 CHEMBL612250 FaDu (Pharyngeal Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z80887 Z80887 CHEMBL614802 H2981 Cell Line 2
Z80920 Z80920 CHEMBL613855 HCC 2998 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z80936 Z80936 CHEMBL614818 HEK293 (Embryonic Kidney Fibroblasts) 2
Z80943 Z80943 CHEMBL614819 HEL 299 2
Z80972 Z80972 CHEMBL613889 HOP-92 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 2
Z81005 Z81005 CHEMBL614839 HTB-54 Cell Line 2
Z81028 Z81028 CHEMBL613892 Human Melanoma Cell Line 2
Z81080 Z81080 CHEMBL613991 KATO-III Cell Line 2
Z81084 Z81084 CHEMBL613992 KB VCR R 2
Z81101 Z81101 CHEMBL614010 KBM-3 Cell Line 2
Z81102 Z81102 CHEMBL613994 KBM-3/DOX Cell Line 2
Z81133 Z81133 CHEMBL614000 L1210 (1565) 2
Z81186 Z81186 CHEMBL614097 LS174T (Colon Adencocarcinoma Cells) 2
Z81211 Z81211 CHEMBL614109 LXFL529 Cell Line 2
Z81257 Z81257 CHEMBL614732 MEL-AC Cell Line 2
Z81277 Z81277 CHEMBL613287 NCI-N417 2
Z81278 Z81278 CHEMBL614451 SNB-75 (Glioblastoma Cells) 2
Z81322 Z81322 CHEMBL614860 SF-539 (Glioblastoma Cells) 2
CHK1_HUMAN O14757 CHEMBL4630 Serine/threonine-protein Kinase Chk1, Human 1
HDA10_HUMAN Q969S8 CHEMBL5103 Histone Deacetylase 10, Human 1
HDA11_HUMAN Q96DB2 CHEMBL3310 Histone Deacetylase 11, Human 1
HDAC1_HUMAN Q13547 CHEMBL325 Histone Deacetylase 1, Human 1
HDAC2_HUMAN Q92769 CHEMBL1937 Histone Deacetylase 2, Human 1
HDAC3_HUMAN O15379 CHEMBL1829 Histone Deacetylase 3, Human 1
HDAC4_HUMAN P56524 CHEMBL3524 Histone Deacetylase 4, Human 1
HDAC5_HUMAN Q9UQL6 CHEMBL2563 Histone Deacetylase 5, Human 1
HDAC6_HUMAN Q9UBN7 CHEMBL1865 Histone Deacetylase 6, Human 1
HDAC7_HUMAN Q8WUI4 CHEMBL2716 Histone Deacetylase 7, Human 1
HDAC8_HUMAN Q9BY41 CHEMBL3192 Histone Deacetylase 8, Human 1
HDAC9_HUMAN Q9UKV0 CHEMBL4145 Histone Deacetylase 9, Human 1
MDR1_HUMAN P08183 CHEMBL4302 P-glycoprotein 1, Human 1
Q8X6S1_ECO57 Q8X6S1 CHEMBL5502 Modulator Of Drug Activity A, Eco57 1
Q94F81_MAIZE Q94F81 CHEMBL4919 Histone Deacetylase HD2, Maize 1
SSR1_HUMAN P30872 CHEMBL1917 Somatostatin Receptor 1, Human 1
SSR2_HUMAN P30874 CHEMBL1804 Somatostatin Receptor 2, Human 1
SSR3_HUMAN P32745 CHEMBL2028 Somatostatin Receptor 3, Human 1
SSR4_HUMAN P31391 CHEMBL1853 Somatostatin Receptor 4, Human 1
SSR5_HUMAN P35346 CHEMBL1792 Somatostatin Receptor 5, Human 1
Z100495 Z100495 CHEMBL613880 BMEC (Brain Microvessel Endothelial Cells) 1
Z100501 Z100501 CHEMBL613290 Lu1 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z100519 Z100519 CHEMBL614637 KETR3 (Renal Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z100742 Z100742 CHEMBL613300 MeWo (Melanoma Cells) 1
Z101682 Z101682 CHEMBL613915 BK Polyomavirus 1
Z102015 Z102015 CHEMBL613013 Plasmodium Vivax 1
Z103196 Z103196 CHEMBL1075381 22RV1 1
Z103204 Z103204 CHEMBL1075389 A427 1
Z103348 Z103348 CHEMBL1075533 NCI-H2122 1
Z103407 Z103407 CHEMBL1075592 SW1990 1
Z103408 Z103408 CHEMBL1075593 SW626 1
Z50136 Z50136 CHEMBL612608 Plasmodium Falciparum (isolate FcB1 / Columbia) 1
Z50378 Z50378 CHEMBL612640 Mycobacterium Intracellulare 1
Z50380 Z50380 CHEMBL613088 Mycobacterium Smegmatis 1
Z50420 Z50420 CHEMBL612851 Trypanosoma Brucei Brucei 1
Z50472 Z50472 CHEMBL612888 Toxoplasma Gondii 1
Z50591 Z50591 CHEMBL613489 Bos Taurus 1
Z50594 Z50594 CHEMBL375 Mus Musculus 1
Z50607 Z50607 CHEMBL378 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 1
Z50725 Z50725 CHEMBL612348 Trypanosoma Brucei Rhodesiense 1
Z80014 Z80014 CHEMBL614514 A204 (Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells) 1
Z80024 Z80024 CHEMBL614518 A9 (Fibroblast Cells) 1
Z80045 Z80045 CHEMBL613870 BT-20 (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80046 Z80046 CHEMBL614529 BT-474 (Breast Ductal Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80048 Z80048 CHEMBL614530 BXPC-3 (Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80071 Z80071 CHEMBL614028 CEM-0 (T-cell Leukemia) 1
Z80086 Z80086 CHEMBL613506 CFPAC-1 (Pancreatic Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80089 Z80089 CHEMBL614555 CHO-AA8 1
Z80112 Z80112 CHEMBL614033 DAN-G 1
Z80117 Z80117 CHEMBL614283 DC3F/AD-II 1
Z80121 Z80121 CHEMBL614286 DMS-79 (Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80179 Z80179 CHEMBL614586 J82 (Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80229 Z80229 CHEMBL614326 MCF7-DOX (Breast Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80288 Z80288 CHEMBL614133 MOVP-3 1
Z80300 Z80300 CHEMBL612281 N87 (Gastric Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80347 Z80347 CHEMBL614208 NUGC-3 (Gastric Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80353 Z80353 CHEMBL614212 OVCAR 1
Z80356 Z80356 CHEMBL614214 OVCAR-5 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80372 Z80372 CHEMBL614224 P388CPT5 1
Z80375 Z80375 CHEMBL614226 P815 (Mastocytoma Cells) 1
Z80381 Z80381 CHEMBL614139 PANC-1 (Pancreatic Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80391 Z80391 CHEMBL614235 PC-6 (Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80418 Z80418 CHEMBL612557 RAW264.7 (Monocytic-macrophage Leukemia Cells) 1
Z80435 Z80435 CHEMBL614145 RT-112 1
Z80436 Z80436 CHEMBL614884 RT-4 1
Z80463 Z80463 CHEMBL614904 SCOV-3 1
Z80471 Z80471 CHEMBL614910 SH-SY5 (Bone Marrow Neuroblastoma Cells) 1
Z80473 Z80473 CHEMBL613527 SISO 1
Z80502 Z80502 CHEMBL612543 SNB-78 (Glioblastoma Cells) 1
Z80513 Z80513 CHEMBL614939 SQ20B 1
Z80539 Z80539 CHEMBL614775 T98G (Glioblastoma Cells) 1
Z80546 Z80546 CHEMBL615013 TERT-RPE1 (Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Cells) 1
Z80566 Z80566 CHEMBL612794 U-937 (Histiocytic Lymphoma Cells) 1
Z80596 Z80596 CHEMBL612811 WISH (Amniotic Epithelial Cells) 1
Z80604 Z80604 CHEMBL612815 YAPC 1
Z80612 Z80612 CHEMBL612818 2008 (Ovarian Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80720 Z80720 CHEMBL614365 Burkitts Lymphoma Cells 1
Z80773 Z80773 CHEMBL614456 CHRC/5 Cell Line 1
Z80776 Z80776 CHEMBL612246 Clone 62 Cell Line 1
Z80792 Z80792 CHEMBL614466 Colon 26 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80798 Z80798 CHEMBL614470 CPT30 Cell Line 1
Z80800 Z80800 CHEMBL614725 MIA PaCa-2 (Pancreatic Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80857 Z80857 CHEMBL614499 Friend Leukemia Cell Line 1
Z80866 Z80866 CHEMBL612707 GLC4 Cell Line 1
Z80877 Z80877 CHEMBL612255 NCI-H1299 (Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma) 1
Z80888 Z80888 CHEMBL614669 H2987 Cell Line 1
Z80891 Z80891 CHEMBL614804 H4 (Hepatoma Cells) 1
Z80898 Z80898 CHEMBL614785 NCI-H928 1
Z80900 Z80900 CHEMBL614807 HA22T Cell Line 1
Z80901 Z80901 CHEMBL614392 HaCaT (Keratinocytes) 1
Z80930 Z80930 CHEMBL614817 HEC-1B Cell Line 1
Z80951 Z80951 CHEMBL614822 NIH3T3 (Fibroblasts) 1
Z80954 Z80954 CHEMBL614071 HFF (Foreskin Fibroblasts) 1
Z80961 Z80961 CHEMBL614828 HN5 (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) 1
Z80967 Z80967 CHEMBL614831 Hone-1 Cell Line 1
Z80996 Z80996 CHEMBL614836 HT1197 (Bladder Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z81001 Z81001 CHEMBL614787 TSGH 9201 (Gastric Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z81126 Z81126 CHEMBL613998 KYSE-150 Cell Line 1
Z81128 Z81128 CHEMBL612701 KYSE-520 Cell Line 1
Z81130 Z81130 CHEMBL614012 KYSE-70 Cell Line 1
Z81338 Z81338 CHEMBL614309 T-cells 1
Z81342 Z81342 CHEMBL614703 Tumour Cell Lines 1